Where Should I Put My Money? Real Estate Or The Stock Market?

The January unemployment numbers are in: 9.7%. This is some good news, considering that it is a 3% drop from the December 10% number. This good news, however, is mitigated by the fact that the country lost another 20,000 jobs.

Additionally, commodities began to move up, especially oil. As a result, gas prices increased to around $2.50 per gallon. In California, they have moved up to 2.95%. Leave it to California. Earlier in the week, California got the A-OK to put even more stringent standards on the books. That is not going to help California’s recovery. Now, CAs big budget fight is spilling over to issuing IOUs.

For one, it highlights how little control Beijing actually has over how China’s stimulus funds are being spent. For another thing, it puts many ground-level Chinese industrial producers at risk of insolvency if the price of, say, iron ore falls too far.

This is where you can come in and make a real difference for these people, all while making a lucrative income for yourself. Unclaimed Lost funds recovery specialists do the legwork of reconnecting these funds and their missing owners. And because these funds aren’t limited by finder’s fee limits, you can charge 30-50% for your services legally.

Send money. Yes, money is the best thing you can do to help these people. Reputable organizations such as the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army are geared toward helping disaster victims and can use funds to purchase what they know they need instead of what you think they need. Local churches and relief organizations can use your help too; always investigate whether the organization does what they claim to do and that they have the resources in place to help out. When in doubt, the first two are excellent “can’t miss” choices. Oh, by the way, the Red Cross and blood banks can always use blood.

You purchase a revenue property and pay cash for it. You find a tenant who you know will take care of the property, has an excellent income and who will sign a long term lease. You do your due diligence and find that the tenant is financially strong and has an impeccable character. The client moves in and you collect the rent. Because you have no mortgage and the tenant pays the utilities, taxes, and general upkeep of the property you are able to put the net rent in the bank and then use it to invest again and again compounding your return.

Typically, 3.5% of the SBA amount is due at the time of the loan. However, the fee may be financed. An origination fee may include bank fees. A fixed or variable interest rate will be negotiated by the bank for the Wells Fargo portion of the loan.

Some halfway houses and residential facilities will allow you to stay for as long to two years. That may seem like a lifetime, but you’re going to need it. The odds for recovery from a crack habit are not in your favor. But if you really want recovery, and you’re willing to work for it, you can have it. The best way to learn how to recover from crack is to follow the example of those who’ve already done it.