The Doyan Of Indian English Writing – Lt Col Manohar Malgonkar

English history is intertwined with India. After all 200 years is a long period and it cannot be wished away. The British rule threw up local Englishmen who made India their home.They loved the country and some explored, some hunted, some preserved relics and monuments and some wrote about India.

The nation was enamored by the army. Instead of protesting, we breathed a sigh of relief whenever the army threw politicians out and took over control of the country. The army was here, which meant that we could return to what the army stood for: security, stability and quality. It was agreed that a country as crazy as Pakistan can only be governed by the strong arm of the army. Thank God for the army. The army was awesome!

Another significant course is at Fort William at Kolkutta.This is part of the oldest settlement of the English from the days of Robert clive.The course among shaded trees, close to the ramparts of Fort William is at least one hundred years old. It is a nine hole course and is looked after by the Headquarters Eastern Command,Join Indian Army. Many famous Indian golfers like Bunty Randhawa started their careers at this course. The course is like an oasis inthe city of Kolkutta and has excellent greens and fair ways.

MHOW has a salubrious climate and is well connected by road and rail. It is good and relaxing place for a quiet week end and is recommended for a visit. But all credit to the Raj and the British army for setting up this excellent center.

His visit to Bangkok in 1985 was another unforgettable event. By then my work had been going well and many of my articles were published in local and international media.

Jokes ridiculing the ability of the armed forces are going viral on the internet – peoples’ statuses on Facebook are anti army like never before. Suddenly, the army is not awesome anymore.

If you can fight it, then it must truly be there. At least Don Quixote had a windmill to fight. The fact that the atheist/agnostic will expend their time and wealth fighting to prove there is no God declares – to me – that they actually do believe in God, but simply hate Him, and want others to hate Him too.

MHOW is a tribute to the British raj. It has its roots in the Raj and the Indian army has gratefully taken over the facilities left back by the British and put them to good use. Let us hope it continues like that.