The Benefits Of Surfing

Hawaiian Watersports offers Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Bodyboarding, Kayaking, and Snorkeling activities including lessons, rentals and sales of new and used equipment as featured on the Travel Channel.

On Tuesdays, he takes his workouts outside for some fresh air. He is a big fan of mountain biking and sand training, so he will ride his bike around 2 hours and then finish up on the beach. On the beach he likes to do lunges, push-ups, and sand sprints with a log tied behind him. Now that is hardcore! He will then finish off the day in the water. These activities include regular surfing or wind and kite lessons.

Walk south from North Beach and you will find Ushaka Marine World and Wet ‘n Wild Adventure Park. North of the pier in front of Ushaka is a lovely beach where you can surf and body board. Get there first thing in the morning and hire a kayak while the water is beautifully calm or even go on a kayak tour with the tour companies who operate from the promenade. It is also possible to sign up to do some scuba diving with PADI certified Calypso Diving and Adventure Centre.

Hurricane Earl didn’t make such a bad impression on the islands, but kite surfers were extreme, to say the least, off Old Harry Beach. The wind reached 70 km from the east, pushing the choppy waves up on the Northeast end of the islands.

Vic Bay has waves for all levels of surfing from beginner to expert. There are no surf lessons in Victoria Bay itself, but if you want a surfing tour the nearest one to the scenic bay is Elemental Sport in Sedgefield. They offer kitesurfing and stand up paddle sri lanka kite and gear. You can even learn to spearfish if you want something different for your surfing vacation.

Flat water makes the learning process easier. If you add waves to the equation it is harder to maintain body position to get the board on your feet. Also splashing water can get in your eyes which is not helpful. And Thirdly, getting your first rides in wavy or choppy water makes balancing on the board tricky. If possible make it easier on yourself, find a spot with nice flat water to learn kiteboarding.

Sandwiched between Liverpool and Blackpool in Merseyside, Ainsdale has been called the perfect place to learn and practice kite surfing. The beach is constantly named as one of the ten best in the UK, it is wide open and free from obstructions.