Smart Investing – Home Inspection Before Purchasing A House

Finding a good home inspector can be a challenge. Do you use who the real estate agent recommends or find one totally on your own? Here are some things for you to consider when looking for that home inspection person.

A good home inspection is like a good college research paper. It should be long, detailed, and cite evidence. A good college student will take the extra time to draft a careful, well researched, and organized document. A good home inspector in chattanooga will take the time to crawl around, get up in the attic, take lots of pictures, and prepare an organized and lengthy document.

If you’re one of those who’s buying new construction, consider that the subcontractors the builder has hired may have done a shoddy job. A reputable builder will generally be more than happy to fix these problems if something has been left undone, or done incorrectly by any contractors they may have hired.

A thorough inspection of a moderately sized property should take at least two hours. The inspection of the house should cover the complete interior of the house from basement to attic and include the exterior of the house. You want to make sure that you accompany the inspector during this inspection.

Check out websites by searching your local area in Google. On the website, see how long they’ve been in business and if they have any testimonials on it.

In hurricane prone areas, Your inspector will check garage doors, particularly single doors on two-car garages, to see if the assembly (door and track) has been tested for hurricane wind loads. Has it been reinforced?

Remove all extension cords and zip cords being used for permanent wiring. Remove all homemade extension cords made from house wiring material. These are not proper for use and will get you more negative notes in your home inspection report.

The very last thing you will want to ask about is the insurance carried through the company employing the home inspector. If the home inspector you hire misses something that should have been checked and there is something that goes terribly wrong after moving in, are they going to take the responsibility for the incomplete inspection? This is a extremely important aspect of the inspection process.