No Frills Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Inspiration for writing can come from many sources. Friends and acquaintances who subscribe to my work often ask where all that inspiration comes from. Honestly, sometimes inspiration just pops out of my head from nowhere. Sometimes the inspiration for articles came from the very people who ask; my friends. Nevertheless, the best writing inspiration usually comes from simply getting a life beyond the computer. Living life to the fullest is the best inspiration for writing.

Submit to social news networks. Building a network in social news sites such as Reddit, Mixx and Digg is a great way to drive traffic back to your websites. All you have to do is to build your Karma within the site by voting other people’s work and adding friends to your network. Being active in these sites is another way of driving traffic.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette refers to a press/media appearance that Dunham made prior to the show’s launch, where he was slated to perform (read: charm) for a bunch of television critics. How’d that go?

It does not issue if the overall economy is superior or poor – freelance writers are often in need. Your services as a freelance author are often essential for building on the internet information, whether or not it be for an online magazine or periodical, a Jubilados or a new internet site launch. When you grow to be a freelance author, you’re deciding upon a career constructed for longevity that will final as extended as you want or will need it to.

The key is website conversions. If the site is converting a fair portion of its traffic, a high bounce rate is less important. It’s even less important if those conversions are turning into high revenue. For example, if a real estate agent is spending $1000 per month on paid search marketing and turning that into $30,000 in profit, a bounce rate of 60% is irrelevant.

Sitemap is like an index, that has links to other pages of your site. People and search engines find it useful as it is just generally one click away from them and can help them get to the page they intend to reach.

Design and domain name – The name and URL of your blog is important. It affects the recall value of your online brand. The titles of the blogs and domain name need not be the same. In general, avoid long domain names or names with too many special characters. Capital letters and hyphens can be used only if the name looks odd without them, Design is an important element. Don’t use loud graphics, and limit the use of Flash. Keep the design professional and don’t crowd every kind of information on a single page.

For more info: Check out the photo collections on and other popular news sites to see great examples of photos that tell the story, with and without depth of field.