How To Select The Right Website Design Package

Every business needs to be online nowadays. It’s unavoidable. You most likely have accounts in social networking websites whether you were really serious about it or not. Everybody else appears to be there and you can’t let yourself be left behind. Owning your own website is a totally different thing. If you have the time, you want your work to be more visible online, or you want to make money online, having your own free website is the way to go.

However, studying html and building your own sites will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. You could easily create as many websites as you want. The more money sites you have in your Free portfolio website, the more chances that you will have at least one big moneymaker.

If you can make people relate to you AND have a strong portfolio, then you’ve probably convinced them to sign you up for the job. A little creative blurb about yourself shows your personality as a person. This helps people relate to you and appreciate you more.

An additional downside would be that the free hosting packages might not provide you with an email account to use along with the name of your website. At times when they do this, you can only get a few email addresses with limited space. However, if you only need a basic personal website with no email addresses, then the free service may suit your needs. On the flip side, if you need to start a site for your business, it is best to look for a web hosting provider that is offering a specific package. Ideally, you want to find a provider who will show a breakdown for the different deals. These people will show you exactly what you will get for a given price.

Free sites like are designed to allow people to create a journal/diary type site about themselves or others. They were not designed to sell products and services. When I’m asked to go to a business site that is hosted by a free company, I do not go there at all.

Make plans to have a joint venture together with list owners and webmasters so your website will be advertised on their listings. Doing this will be free, you just need to get in touch with the owners of the list and give them your request. After doing so, your URLs will be marketed on a large list of netizens, which creates Free website traffic.

13. Update your Website Theme. If you are on WordPress for example it’s fairly easy to update your theme. Do a search on Google for themes. There are many great free and premium themes. Some of my favorite theme sites are Themeforest, Woo Themes, Thesis, iThemes in addition to several others. If you lack the skills to do such or don’t feel comfortable taking on such a project, leverage the skills of an agency or consultant. Contact me offline if you need help.

The last step is to promote your website. In all honesty, this is where the frustration starts. It is perfectly normal to experience a few challenges when doing this step. You have your website, it’s up and running, but you are now faced with a very important problem: how to get people to visit it. Generating web traffic can be a headache, unless you truly know how to make a free website and make money from it! The best solution is to join a traffic system. Another is to advertise, advertise, and advertise! This is a great way to get traffic but also time consuming. The last option is to submit articles on article directories such as Ezine so people can become aware of your website, company and products.