Getting The Romance Back – How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Love You Again

Gentlemen, so you think you’re a pro in the romance department? Let’s see if you got what it takes. Don’t be overly confident and assume your scoring straight A’s when in fact you might just be scoring a big fat “F” as in failure!

Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith are lifelong pals and business partners as divorce mediators. These two share intensely a unique hobby. They crash weddings from all walks of life and religions. Having free fun and meeting girls is what its all about. Researching for the next wedding to crash, John and Jeremy end up at a lavished affair where they meet two rich daughters, Claire and Gloria Cleary and of course fall in love with them. This then leads them to a grand island estate in which these girls reside. That is where the trouble starts and John and Jeremy’s ‘wedding guest’ lies are not working. More comedy than romance in this hilarious movie. I would say that this movie is teetering more towards a guy flick.

After last year’s honeymoon period, this year, the Ox’s romance luck can be summarized in one word: Frustrating. With a lack of favorable stars in your chart, you are advised to keep your hopes low.

The bigger problem is, how do you get the romance back? Magazines offer all kinds of advise for putting the romance back into your relationships. It usually requires the women to buy something “hot” to wear (that’s fine for an hour), or some new sexual bedroom antic (that’s fine for an hour also). Then there is the ever popular suggestion to cook that “wonderful meal” that will make him swoon. REALLY? Show of hands, how many men will hit the couch and fall asleep like content cats after that wonderful meal? I’m not saying men don’t appreciate these things, of course they do! But, it’s not really the big fix for continued Know here, and these things don’t require any effort from men.

If it were up to many men, romance should be dead — except for when its comes to time with his girlfriend or wife. Or when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

‘Famous Last Words’ begins with the tension of a ticking bomb. Building up to a face melting guitar riff before finally kicking into a driving chorus. The refrain “I am not afraid to keep on living” is enough to inspire the most broken of souls.

And despite the fact those of us reading these books in the real world know that this is not how it does, or even should work, we still find ourselves reading these romances and sighing, not in exasperation, as we should be, but in admiration of the fictional men who’ve stolen our hearts and any common sense we ever had.