8 Things Your Real Estate Broker Will Never Reveal

Wood destroying pests. Termites are considered to be the world’s number one enemies of every houses and even the ceiling. Considering the life cycle of that furniture destroying pest and the things they feed at, this serious problem would cause a greater trouble in the future if the problem would not be solved. The person who is responsible for the inspection of every pests are responsible for revealing all kinds of furniture enemies in your house.

When you bought your condo unit, there were no special assessments and none were being considered. Six months later, the association decides it’s time for a new face and there’s not enough money in the reserves. They decide to go ahead with the face lift and pay it with special assessments. Your share is going to be twice your profits for the next 20 months. Can happen.

6) Landscape – Cut and edge lawn. Make sure you can see house trim over grown shrubs, trees add mulch to all planter areas and add flowers for color. Remove any dead or dying plants. Areas with no grass such as under shade tree add much for better appearance.

Not Having a Home Inspection or Hiring the Wrong home inspector Palm Springs CA – Trying to save money on a home inspection and have Uncle Bob who was a contractor once is a mistake. A home inspection is your last line of defense in purchasing a home that is structurally sound, safe and healthy. You want to find the best home inspector possible… don’t penny pinch, ask for references from family friends and your agent. Do your home work and do it before you ever find a home.

Plumbing – Plumbing problems can always lead to bigger plumbing problems and possible damage to the home’s structure from past leaks. Though it is generally relatively in-expensive to get minor plumbing repairs done to a home a fully functioning plumbing system is a “must have” for pre owned home purchases.

Do you want to add sophisticated touches to your residence? One small but noticeable way to give a pop to your home is with a new doorbell. By doing this, any guest coming to your home will be shown a new look to it.

Move into your home. You can hire a company to move your property into your home, or you can do it yourself. You can get free boxes at large stores, rent a moving truck and do it yourself. You will also need a new key to the mailbox and will have to get your final HUD1 from the escrow office to show to the postmaster before they will assign you a new key.