5 Tips For Successful Spring Lawn Care

When it comes to your garden design is important. Curb appeal is an important factor for your home, especially for those owners who are considering selling their home during the spring and summer months. Good landscaping design will help improve the curb appeal of your home. You need to ensure that plants, trees and shrubs are placed in areas that will receive the right amount of sunlight needed in order for them to thrive. Consider speaking to a landscaper about placing plants and greenery that are the right width, shape and height for your outdoor space..

That prospect’s name is more valuable than 1000 names on a mailing list – even if he didn’t respond to the first mailing. That person has told you that he buys landscaping services. You can’t just mail him once and hope he’ll buy from you. You have to hit him with a sequence of materials explaining how you are better and more reliable than other landscapers. The more materials you send, the more familiar he becomes with you, and the more likely he is to do business with you.

I am sure you can fill this section in yourself! But you would be surprised as to how many people don’t when they are choosing a Landscaper! You need to know how much you can afford to spend. A good rule of thumb is to cut that figure by 20% so you have given yourself a margin for change. Don’t tell the people you get in to quote for the landscaping tho! This also gives you that extra bit of money for things that you hadn’t thought of e.g. extra features for your garden!

An interesting garden idea is to reclaim something old e.g. a block of wood or stone, and fashion it into a simple seat with a sculptural element. Put plants around it to make it look part of the scene. Put up a shade or a canopy in the corner of your garden. Canopy kits come with fixings or you can make your own canopies from your own choice of fabric.

The first tip is to reuse freebies from around the area. An example of this is asking a farmer if after he tills the field you can come in and collect the rocks. This relieves the burden from the farmer and you are able to use the rocks to create natural landscaping. Another tip is to talk with friends and neighbors who find themselves thinning their gardens. They are happy to pass of the extra seedlings and over grown plants. We were able to score five large Hostas from our neighbor.

It is very important to remove the leaves and fall debris from your landscaping. Dead leaves and debris left around plants through winter and fall create a good habitat for insects and disease. Using best horticulture practices by a certified and trained Landscaper Morris you will see a noticeable difference in the color and growth in your plants next spring.

This can be all sorts of samples… from brickwork to paving slabs to fence panels & varnishes. Even shrubs & grass can be asked for… sounds silly but can make a big difference from idea to reality!

These are some of the tips that you can follow for your own home garden landscaping work. Again you can do it yourself, especially if it is not too big of a project, or better yet just hire a landscaper. If you go for the second option, the work will be smoother, faster and more reliable.