4 Important Tips For Saving Your Marriage With Romance

The Rat has the best romance luck this year, among all the other signs. With the Marriage Star behind you, this will be a great year for you in terms of romance.

Could it be a question of maturity? Or age? I do not believe that age plays a factor in whether a man will know how to romance his other half, and be affectionate. There are plenty of older men who still lacks the ability and knowledge on what Sitecurious is, and how to be affectionate to his other half. I do however, believe that maturity plays a major role in what a man knows as being romantic and affectionate. A mature man will understand the importance of romance in his relationship, and take the extra step to romance his partner while also finding new ways to keep the fire burning in the relationship.

On another note, imagine your wife/girlfriend coming home from work and you greeting her at the door with a kiss and a tight squeeze, isn’t this part of loving somebody and showing affection? Then again, does “true love” still exist?

Romantic games for engaged couples. If you feel inclined before your dinner bring out two large sheets of paper and some crayons. On each sheet draw a circle with a little base – your crystal ball. Each of you looks into your crystal ball and draws what you see five years into the future. Then share your drawings and discuss. Remember to put on the romantic music while dining. You’ll find that in years to come the music you play then will conjure up the memories and feelings of the night….and become your special song. After dinner you can watch a romantic movie if you feel inclined — use this time to eat chocolates or have a decadent dessert. Finish the evening with a massage.

As a rule of thumb, showing your romantic side is mostly effective when your partner does not expect it. You must be able to surprise her. It means that you do not wait for Valentine’s Day or for her anniversary to show you romantic side. Express it at any given moment. Spontaneity is key.

The Tiger should refrain from being rash, especially in relationships. This year, you are prone to arguments and fights with your spouse and loved ones due to your unstable mood. Somehow, something seems to be bothering you, making you feel moody, but you don’t know why. You should always remain calm and try to talk things out, instead of flaring up unnecessarily. Because of this, male Tigers might find themselves getting into affairs easily.

Meeting at shopping mall is also a great idea for a prospective date. You both can shop together. This will also help you understand the choice of your date and you people can understand each other well. There, you can present something to each other of your owns or your date’s choice. Well, the most important thing which should be kept in mind while choosing a place for date is the comfort level because everything else will fail if you and your date are not comfortable and relaxed.